Sunday, 4 March 2012

first entry

Assalamualaikum and hye there!!! I'm so excited about this blog because this is my first blog. I'm speechless but today I will talk about the introduction of network and telecommunication.

It was our first lesson in this class. I really likes the way Dr. Dayang explained the topic to us. It was a very simple and clear explanation. First and foremost, she explained to us the definition of communication and telecommunication. For me communication and telecommunication have quite a same meaning which is the transfer of data, it just that in telecommunication the transferring is through a long distance.

Besides that, she also explained to us the elements of computer and communication. Basically, there are six elements of computer and telecommunication which include of people,procedure,data,hardware,software and communication. 

I think that's all from me...bye2 see yaa... :)

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